Making good surfaces better

Processes & services

Using very powerful machines, our skilled specialists find the best solution for surfaces - from corrosion protection to product aesthetics. To be able to offer the highest degree of individuality and flexibility, VTK Krieglach uses the following processes- supported by a strict quality and environment management system, certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.

Technology for 47 different surfaces

VTK Veredelungstechnik offers a diverse range of processes for surface treatment. These processes improve the surface properties of steel, aluminium, copper and bronze to ensure that structural parts and components are protected more effectively against corrosion and wear, or that they have higher gloss levels.

An overview of our processes

Details on our processes

Details on our processes

VTK Krieglach finishes rack, barrel and rod parts. Whereas the barrel process is suited particularly for automated processing of small parts in large batch sizes, large workpieces are generally processed by hand. Finishing of small batch sizes is therefore also possible. The table will help you to identify which process is suitable for your product:

Details on NIRO pickling and passivisation